How to post a Ban appeal

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How to post a Ban appeal

Post  Mohammed on Fri Nov 02, 2012 4:41 pm

Ingame name: Answer
Why did you get banned?: Answer
Date of ban?: Answer
Administrator that banned you: Answer
Why should we UN-ban you?: Answer
What is your IP?( IP ): Answer
What is your country?: Answer


[b][i]Ingame name: Answer
[color=cyan]Why did you get banned?[/color]: Answer
[color=cyan]Date of ban?[/color]: Answer
[color=cyan]Administrator that banned you[/color]: Answer
[color=cyan]Why should we UN-ban you?[/color]: Answer
[color=cyan]What is your IP[/color]?( [url=]IP[/url] ): Answer
[color=cyan]What is your country?[/color]: Answer[/i][/b]


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